NABBO Chaos Cup

Top ranked as the most anxiously anticipated competition of the entire season, the NABBO Chaos Cup is possibly the best shot at winning one of the majors that most of the smaller teams in the league get.
With the single-elimination system (knock out rounds), used by the competition it’s very common to see underdogs play like there’s no tomorrow and, challenging all odds, actually win against tougher and richer teams.

Every year the event starts with a big gathering know as “Chaos Cup Draw”, with the presence of plenty important NABBO league individualities (the organization crew, coaches from several teams and even some players), and it’s broadcasted for many of the cities of old world.

Despite the tremendous euphoria surrounding the competition (especially from smaller teams when the initial draw suits their expectations), the Chaos Cup is, with no doubt, the toughest and most violent competition of the entire NABBO season.Some say all this violence is vastly originated by the influence of the Chaos Gods, patrons of the event, while others state that having the first tie breaker be “the number of casualties achieved in the game” also has a part of it.
I guess we’ll never know for sure, but one thing we know is the numbers prove that during the Chaos Cup the number of casualties and deaths always pile up to the double of the league ones, in less than half of the games.




I - Black Razor Beasts (Chaos)

II - Black Razor Beasts (Chaos)

III -  ... records lost ...

IV - Blue Bolero (Human)

V -Varslona Vicious Vampires (Vampire)

VI -Varslona Vicious Vampires (Vampire)

VII - Mandelbrot Marauders (Chaos Pact)

VIII - Juunykiuu BBC (Dark Elf)

IX - Mckinley hat raibeads (Chaos Dwarf)

X - Trash Can Warriors (Skaven)

XI - Krausnic Cleavers (Chaos Pact)

  XII - Innsmouth Oceanic Society (Elf)

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