NABBO League

The NABBO League is the major competition of the NABBO season.
It usually starts with a short pre-season (three or four games), to allow new coaches to try out different races (or different roster builds), and build up the first couple of skills to add some fighting chance against the league heavy weights.
We play in a perpetual league environment (it means the teams can go on for as long as the coach wishes), but in order to avoid teams to dominate season after season, whenever a team wins the NABBO League final, it also wins a lovely travelling voucher -courtesy of the league sponsor, that takes the winning team for a tournee around the old world, during the entire next season.
After that they are allowed to get back to the league and play in the league again if the coach wants.

The League background

Back in 1999, fluff was one of the coolest and most important things in the game (at least for some of us it was). As many other things in our games, NABBO League had his own background story, and it begins with something like this... (link)




I - Black Razor Beasts (Chaos)

II - Black Razor Beasts (Chaos)

III - The Pitch Praetorians (Orc)

IV - Oni-no-Seki (Human)

V - Plague Titans (Nurgle)

VI - Plague Titans (Nurgle)

VII - Mckinley hat raibeads (Chaos Dwarf)

VIII - Mckinley hat raibeads (Chaos Dwarf)

IX - Mckinley hat raibeads (Chaos Dwarf)

X - Jurassic Krap (Lizardman)

XI - Innsmouth Oceanic Society (Elf)

XII - Yokai Buntai (Dark Elf)

XIII - Mückenhof Ravens (Undead)









Former sponsors of the NABBO League: 



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