1 January 2001

Agramonte All Stars

Team name: Agramonte All Stars (a.k.a. Deep Six Diggers, formerly know as Agramonte Super Stars).
Motto: "We won't stay dead!"
Team colors: Black & Red-to-Yellow
Owner: Agramonte Cemetery Consortium
Coach: Eberhard Rüttelmeyer, the Lich
Players: Wights, Werewolfs, Flesh Golems, Ghouls, Zombies

Created to house the victims of a cholera epidemic, Agramonte was initially viewed as a less dignified cemetery. Nevertheless, it houses many important personalities of the city of Porto and is well known for its camellia trees.The Agramonte All Stars team, represent this historic cemetery in Blood Bowl competitions. 
 However, while some of the players are originally inhabitants of Agramonte (or assembled from parts of inhabitants…), team management has also opted for hiring players from foreign lands, including some ancient historical personalities.
 The team logo shows flames (the fiery spirit of the team) at the gates of Agramonte in black (the colour of death) over a sunset background (the dying of the light).

Interesting facts:

  • Team owners and management have opted for recruiting early Visigoth kings as Wight positionals,
  • Due to restrictions to burial practices put in place in the last couple of centuries (which resulted in a steady decrease of the city’s necrophage populations), team ghouls are currently hired from graveyards in the Middle East,
  • Team Werewolves are sourced from specially bred lycanthropes from Serra do Gerês,
  • Only the freshest, locally-sourced, component body parts are used in the construction of the team’s Flesh Golems which are assembled using the latest advances in Necromancy techniques,
  • All of the zombies in the current team roster started their careers in other (living) teams,  were “transferred” during play and may one day be permanently transferred to a team the After-Life (if Blood Bowl is played there.

Team honours: Most Violent Team (NTC '11), Most Kills (NABBO Chaos Cup XI), "Camilo Sesto: Este equipo mola mazo!" award (Bilbali Cup X).
Hall of Fame: Átila (Werewolf Star Player with 4 ST & 4AG) killed by a rookie Human Catcher.

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Most Casualties NTC '11
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