1 January 2001

Innsmouth Oceanic Society

Team name: Innsmouth Oceanic Society (a.k.a. Innsmouth Oceanics)
Motto: "Plagus vero, veritas undis"
Team colors: Black and White (with green highlightson the black)
Owner: Innsmouth Oceanic Society S.A.
Coach: Evelleen Whiplash
Players: Elf, and possibly other races prone to grow tentacular appendices...

Based on a small and relatively isolated fishing community, the Innsmouth Oceanic Society team still stands as one of murky origins and possibly one of the least fan friendly in all NABBO league teams. The undeniable familiar resemblance between most Innsmouth players, together with this "less than fresh" fishy odor (that seems to hover and "stick" wherever they go), tends to keep strangers as far as possible, fact that clearly suits them just fine...

Team honors: NABBO League XI, NABBO Tea Cup III, Chaos Cup XII
Hall of Fame: Not Yet

Team photos



Last but not least, the Coach and the Apothecary of the team.

Trophy Hall


NABBO Tea Cup 2013
Chaos Cup XII

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