1 January 2001

Plague Titans

Team colors: Black and Green
Moto: We Rot!
Owner: Billy Bob
Coach: Jack Maggot the 73rd. (they keep getting squashed).
Players: Nurgle Warriors, Pestigors, Rotters, and Beast of Nurgle

Billy is the owner of "Can of Worms" factories, a small familiar business dedicated to caning sub-sub-sub-products of meat, fish and other organic (apparently) eatable stuff.
As sponsor for the "All you can eat!" buffet in the local summer fair, Billy didn't see it coming when the event (named after the factory) lured and was kind of invaded by the players of a passing by Nurgle Bloodbowl team, along with their most loyal fans: endless clouds of flies and zillions of maggots.
In the unspeakable (and quite disgusting) actions that then took shape, Billy Bob was accidentally (but literally) pushed into the right side of Billus, the Beast of Nurgle of the team.
As apparently happens in some cases, the digestive frenzy of the moment accelerated the absorbing properties of Billus skin (just one drawback of looking that good), unwillingly absorbing poor Billy Bob, only to leave his face on the out side of the skin.
Stuck to it as he was, Billy Bob graciously took the ownership of the team to his hands, conducing it to quite a few years of great sports success with two NABBO League Championships, and a few Chaos Cup finals.

Fortunately for Billy Bob, Billus was gracious enough to later absorb his wife and daughter too, keeping the whole family together everywhere the go (and that's why you can see three faces on the side of Billus, in case you where wondering who the other two where...).

Team honors: Winner of NABBO League V & VI.
Hall of Fame: Bellegor, the Pestigor star with Block, Extra Arms, Two Heads and 8 Movement.

Team photos

The hitters of the team: the Nurgle warriors.
Pestigors, the ball handlers!


Billus, the Beast of Nurgle!

                                                  Plague Titans, 'the family photo'!

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