1 January 2001

Sandstorm Devils

Team name: Sandstorm Devils
Motto: "A man who retreats into a cave which has only one opening deserves to die..."
Team colors: Sun scorched white
Owner: The team is managed by a tribal counsel, and doesn't seem to have have a owner per se.
Coach: Effer Niett al Hakeem
Players: Slann

Originary from the desertic trade routes passing by Bel Aliad ruins, the Sandstorm Devils descend from nomadic tribes, whom traditions and culture favored very athletic individuals, making them very prone to acrobatic sports. As a team, their first appearance in NABBO league wasn’t a total surprise (as other “prone to leap” individuals have been seen before), but their unusual tactical approach to the game made quite an impact, and their first league ever granted them a position in the Top 5 teams of the season, only missing a spot in the playoffs by a very little.

The need to “keep on moving” imprinted in their DNA by their nomadic ancestry, ends up being stronger than any competitive appeal of the BB tournaments, and so far they have never stayed in town for more than one competition per season, after which they vanish in their desert trade routes for as long as they feel like, just like their eldest ever did.

Team honors: Almost qualified for League XI playoffs.

Hall of Fame: None yet 

Team photos


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