18 October 2015

XIII league champions: Mückenhof Ravens

NABBO League Champions XIII 
- Mückenhof Ravens -
Picture of both teams in the end of the match: the Ravens (left) next to the Spyrer's Biohazards. 
Reporters on site wonder: is this living-dead proof that painted teams actually play better?

In a very intense Final against the skaven Spyre's Biohazards, the undead Mückenhof Ravens managed to grab a very tough 3-2 win.

After starting their first turn already behind by 1 (courtesy of Mus musculus, the one-turn-scorer from the Biohazards), the shambling hordes of the Ravens managed to equalise (1-1), right before the end of the drive, and prepared to receive the ball in the second half.

 With the second half came a lot of unusual Kick-off (and weather) results - including a Pitch Invasion, but in retrospective none of those influenced any of the game play of either side: the Ravens got the ball, and with an unusual undead fast pace, scored (2-1), around turn four of the second half.
The Spyrer's set Mus musculus once again for another fast score, and the 2-2 came soon after.

With another four turns to go, the undead moved the ball up field, trying to hurt as much of the opposing players as they could (with hopes to get their hands on the "one turner", but to no success), and scored their third TD, in their last turn.
The last skaven turn would mean either a win for the Ravens or a tie, and yet another 8 turns drive (as finals cannot end in ties).

This time the story was very different, and without any rerolls left to back up his actions, the one-turn skaven Gutter Runner saw it's dodge skill painfully countered by Rudi Shaft - the "Tackle" zombi of the Ravens -. The player fell, and the score remained as it was, (3-2) giving the championship title to the Mückenhof Ravens!

A very close and hard fought final.

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