1 January 2001

NABBO Tea Cup 2015

The Wizards Challenge

" Wizards are well know for their innate tendency to meddle in other peoples affairs.
Despite having no particular interest in Blood Bowl as a sport, it's always a great opportunity to show their pairs a new trick, even if just to impress the common folk watching the match.
Of course as in most Wizard business, things not always work out exactly as planned, and sometimes it's the crowd that decides to do a 'magic trick' and vanishes with the Wizard himself... "

In this tournament, each team had a free wizard at the coach disposal.
Each turn, before starting any action with the team players, the coach could try to activate the Wizard (aka "check if the wizard was paying attention to the game).
To do this activation, the coach would have to roll two d6: on a result of "8+", the wizard would be active, and could try to cast a spell. Other results ("7" or less) would mean that the wizard was distracted and would not participate that turn. On a double "1" (snake eyes), the wizard would miss the following turn too.

An active wizard could try to cast a spell (for the sake of fun, the wizards decided that they would try to transform the players into frogs), and to do so the coach would roll one d6: on a "1 to 3" nothing would happen, on a "4 to 6" a random player in the opposing team would transform in a frog. In this roll, a result of "6" would allow the wizard to go a bit further a try to transform another one (i.e. roll the d6 again).
Note that at all times, there could only be a maximum of three frogs in each side of the pitch.
Also the wizards could decide to revert the spell of one of his players instead of transforming an opposing one.
Whenever a drive ended, all the frog-players would return to normal as if nothing happen.

Each frog-player would beahve like a any other player, with following profile: MA 5, ST 2, AG 4, AV 6* Skills: No Hands, Dodge, Side Step and Right Stuff.

*The frog-player was considered to have a special magical protection, which granted that after an broken armour, any 8+ injury roll would only result in a KO.

[Update: If you feel like giving these "Frog rules" a try and don't actually have frog miniatures to use, please have a go with our proxy PAPER FROGS. Print, cut, fold and you're set with as many frogs as you'd ever need!]

Wizards Challenge: Aside from the TD's and Cas inflicted during the games, the coaches were to take note of the number of frogs his wizard would transform in the opposing team, as well as the number of times he missed the opportunity to do anything altogether (double ones in the activation roll, and single ones in the second roll). The top in each of these wizard categories were rewarded in the end of the tournament.





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