1 January 2001

Blue Bolero

Team colors: White and blue
Motto: " If it's in the game, we've invented it! "
Owner: Duke Thibaut Lecroquis I
Coach: PC
Players: Human, Ogre

As one of the most veteran teams of NABBO league Blue Bolero has counted many seasons of reasonable success, but none as impressive and polemic as the ‘bad blood’ years. Under the control of coach “V” – later to be known as infamous vampire kin, the team accomplished feats of unimaginable skill, both using ball handling skills rarely seen, and enforcing a powerful attrition game, which controlled most season games at their will.
But as all good (and bad) things always come to an end, by the end of season IV (and despite having conquered the Chaos Cup trophy), a rampaging mob tried to stake Triple V down, after yet another very suspicious blood drained team player death.
“V” managed to escape (unsurprisingly to coach a vampire team right away), but left a depleted Blue Bolero team, which struggled for a few seasons before they could get back on their game.

Team honors: Chaos Cup IV winner.

Hall of Fame: Arnold Jr, a Star Catcher with Catch, Dodge, Block, Sure Feet, Sprint, Nerves of Steel, Side Step, and Extra Arms.

Team photos






The ogre

Blue Bolero human team

Trophy Hall

Chaos Cup IV

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