1 January 2001

White Fang Okkz

Team name: White Fang Okkz, occasionally aka Clockwork Green
Motto: " Weez haz opinions of ur own, strong opinions, but we'z don't eva agree wiv them!"
Team colors: (Very) Dirty Yellow
Owner: Goof Da Haa'f-Toof, aka M&M (as in "Maim and Mangle")
Coach: PC
Players: Orc, Goblin, and absolutely NO TROLL!

Orc's are notoriously known for their infighting and their drive for senseless violence. Black orc's are all that, only twice the size. Goof Haa'f-Toof is a Black Orc, only twice the size.
This is his team, and there's no way he's hiring a player bigger then him.

Team honors: NABBO Tea Cup '11 Champion, with plenty of "Maim and Mangle"...
Hall of Fame: Nagro Izza Grabba, the closest to a Star Thrower the team ever got with Sure Hands, Pass, Block, and Accurate.

Team photos



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