1 January 2001

Spartak Oprichniki

Team colors: Black and Red 
Motto: "Munch the snot on ya trencher beforr you reach for ze other"

Owner: Kerrak Tar, The Boss
Coach: Bulab Tar'ick
Players: Ogres, and plenty of Snotlings

Known as some of the most fierce troops of the Ogre ranks, all Spartak Oprichniki ogre players were once members of Maneaters elite clans. Used to travel outside the Ogre Kingdoms as mercenaries, they soon realised their brute force and love for violence could have plenty of use in the Old World, even in times of peace!
With very little patience (and maybe little agility too) for running around the pitch after the pigskin (later know as "the ball"), their first attempts at Blood Bowl were not exactly what we would classify as successful (sports result wise), but hacking and butchering at will (and get paied for it), was all they needed to keep in the game.

Kerrak Tar, former captain of their mercenary warband and known to have two brain cells more that his counterparts (that would make him with a grand total of three, give or take...), after meeting them in one of their games, decided to get in charge of the team - we suppose military patent last for life within ogre kind.
His first action in command was to hire a coach for the team: Bulab Tar'ick, which by coincidence is also his son, and since apparently the young one seems to has two brain cells less than his father (...), the old veteran captain accumulates functions and ends up coaching the team "ze proper way"...

Team honors: Not yet
Hall of Fame: Not Yet

Team photo

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