1 January 2001

Durfang Frost Minotaurs

Team colors: Light Blue with Orange
Owner: Bray Shaman Kahzu Aragg
Coach: Björn Isenhart
Players: Minotaur, Bestigors (aka chaos warriors), and Beastmen

Since the war campaign of Morghur (aka Lord of Skulls), that the forests and mountain regions surrounding Durfang and Frost villages have turned into the hunting ground of several children’s of chaos gatherings, including beastmen from all regions, types and accents.
It's common knowledge that "Peacefull Times" have no other meaning to beastman other than fighting amongst themselves rather than fighting some other opponent, and so they did... until they have found that they could do just the same (Blood Bowl), and in the process win generous amounts of gold coins for it!

Team honors: Not yet
Hall of Fame: Not yet

Team photos

The team power quartet: the bestigors (usually registered as chaos warriors...)

 The bread and butter of the team: the beastmen!



Bread and butter - part 2!


 The two last beastmen of the team next to the score marker

 Baldrus (the minotaur) and Lil'Axis (the apothecary know for his unorthodox healing  methods)

The team coach - Björn, and his staff: Pepito (the two headed cheerleader hound), Yigg'kwee (the playbook bound demon assistant coach) and Mahki Shaki (the not-too-trusty book carrier).

The Durfang-Frost Minotaurs chaos team


  1. I remember you putting this team together - it has truly finished off being a great looking team. I can't wait for my FOLDIO lightbox to show up (early March hopefully) so I can update my team pages with much better pics.

  2. Thank you for your comment Tristan!
    I you may have noticed by now I love conversions, and I wanted them to be easy to tell apart. If I started it over, I would do a couple of things differently (mostly painting wise), but overall I like how they've turned out.

    Looking forward for the updated photos of your teams!