1 January 2001

Burrito Memorial Hall

Pitch Name: Burrito Memorial Hall

Owner: Three Chile Burrito Bandits team

Story: Build by FF Fields (a company of expert builders of Blood Bowl pitches widely known both in the old and new world), it is officially stated that Burrito Memorial Hall construction work was kindly offered as the first prize result of a contest known as "Team Too Cool", for their... hum... lovely hats (...)!

However, to everyone who's familiar with the Bandits unorthodox methods of achieving their goals, actions like coercion, threats, or even kitchenapping, may well be involved in the contest judge decision process.
But hey, you didn't hear it from me...

Hall of Fame: Not Yet

Pitch Photo

 The Bandits on the pitch waiting for their next victim... (ahem...) opponent!

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