1 January 2001

NABBO Tea Cup 2013

The weather is crazy! 
"The dawn was chilly but sunny, and everywhere around there where players, assistants coaches, curious bystanders and all the technical staff of the various teams, busy with all the preparations for the long tournament day approaching.With the team tents assembled, crates and trunks open with sports equipment on display and some flags of the participating teams already unfurled, the landscape involving the various pitches was transformed into a colourful canvas of many races, colours and a colossal mess. 
With the approach of the hour for the "team draw" for the first game, and with all the coaches gathering close to the wall where the first clashes of the morning would briefly be posted, a sudden freezing breeze made ​​the event flags flutter wildly, making everyone stare at the sky, trying to guess what weather conditions would follow...- The weather is crazy - you hear a voice comment in the middle of the group, - Yesterday morning ice boulders fell from the sky, half an hour later was an unbearable heat - said while the others around him nod in agreement.- By Grimnir, I bet this is some wizard's affair, like the one who lives on the mountain! - answered a long bearded fellow standing to the side.  
 - Yeah, they say he mumbles to himself, of controlling storms and lightning ... - the first continued only to be suddenly interrupted.
- Hey... what the hell is that thing in the background? - Said the bearded guy pointing to the forests behind one of the pitches... "

This year's tournament fluff was based on the global climate changes, and their increase of occurrence and intensity, with all the catastrophic results it usually has for the populations they influence.

In Blood Bowl game terms this would mean that despite whatever "Weather Table" result you'd roll during the match, in the beginning of each half, one (out of two) random weather phenomenon would take place and stay in for the rest of that same half.
This weather phenomenon was represented by a template, and it had a 'Zone of influence' of a square (center) plus three squares in every direction, and the modifiers described below would only apply if the action attempted was inside this 'Zone of Influence'.

The two different phenomenons were "Tornado warning!", and "Everything Frozen??".
The first one meant that all Pass, Catch, and Intercept actions were influenced by -1 modifier, and every time a ball was dropped or touched the pitch for whatever reason, it would bounce one extra square directly away from the center of the Tornado template.
The second phenomenon, would influence the Go-For-It's, and Dodging attempts (by the same -1 modifier) as if the ground was completely frozen, inducing players to slip.




The Goodies


As part of the SWAG for this year's tournament winners there was a miniature of "Popol le Bleu" - the official wizard of the Ligue des Quatre Nations (LQN - Montreal, Canada), sculpted by Pedro Ramos (2013).
If you'd like to treat yourself with one of those, drop LQN commissioner Fred (aka SBG in TFF foruns), and who knows, maybe he still has some to part with.

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