1 January 2001

Star Players 1

Ugroth Bolgrot, the chainsaw wielding orc star.                                                 

[By Axtklinge: Converted from a 3rd ed. plastic orc lineman from the BB box, with a couple of plasticard and green stuff mods, the "Iron Jaw" and the mandatory chainsaw - nicknamed 'Pain'.]

 Lottabottol, Lizardmen skink star.

[By Axtklinge: The mini is a very simple conversion from GW's skink Lizardmen plastic sprue: weapon snipped from the hand, and added a couple of extra bits (like the old skeleton shoulder pads), just to make it stand from the 'regular' skink.]

Slibli, Saurus star.

[By Axtklinge: The body is from an old Warhammer saurus (5th edition box), a head from a more recent sprue (of the same species), a cape from plastic marauder (chaos) sprue all joined together with some green stuff.]

Horkon Heartripper, the stabbing Dark Elf star player.

[By Axtklinge: Straight from GW's Warhammer Dark Elf range minis (assassin)].

Soaren Hightower, the High Elf star player.

[By Axtklinge: GW's High Elf Line elf (from the official High Elf team), slightly converted.
This miniature was a gift from ERIOCHROME, when commemorating the Five Year Anniversary Contest of his awesome blog Sons of Twilight. Thanks mate!].


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