1 January 2001

Star Players 2

Puggy Baconbreath, Halfling star

[By Axtklinge: Mini from GW Blood Bowl Halfling range.]

 Barik Farblast, the "strong arm" dwarf star.

[By Axtklinge: This one is a conversion based on a dwarf from 'Dungeons and Dragons Chainmail" (squad named Mordenguard). He already had a gun on his hands so it was fairly easy to add a ball and some shoulder plates from green stuff.]

 Wilhelm Chaney, werewolf star: "Version 1"

 [By Axtklinge: This one is a West Wind miniature from their 'Secrets of the Third Reich' range].

 Wilhelm Chaney, werewolf star: "Version 2"

[By Connexion: The figure is from Heresy miniatures range. All protective gear was made from bits and modelling putty by Connexion].

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