1 January 2001

Mückenhof Ravens

Team name: Mückenhof Ravens

Motto: "Rotting resilience with regimental discipline!"

Team colours: Purple and White (w/ black and yellow stripe)

Owner: Emil Balkyram
Coach: Necromancer Zogar the Specter
Players: Mummies, Wights, Ghouls, Zombies and Skeletons

Probably the only bloodbowl undead team with living human fans - actively cheering for them...

The Mückenhof Ravens are mostly composed of Ostermark's 2nd Halbardier Regiment troops, which had been slaughtered and revived  - as his own troops - by a certain von Carstein vampire warlord, in a war that ravaged Ostermark state long ago. 
As von Carstein minions, they have entered deep in the heart of the Empire in their way to siege Altdorf, only to be left inanimated in a forgotten marshland in the skirts of The Great Forest, when the vampire was finally defeated and his conjurations have been dispelled.

Later found by Zogar, these marshlands where the perfect source for not-so-fresh meat (without having to risk his neck roaming around town graveyards),  and allowing him to gain much needed experience as a coach, in the arts of bloodbowl.

Despite their average league ratings, the Ravens have been an instant success of popularity amongst the people of Ostermark, mainly because they still had the uniforms and colours (or what was left of them) of the state troops they belonged to.

Although the human living fans tend to keep a very safe distance from both players and staff of the team, they always show up in their matches packed with Ravens flags and banners, cheering for the team and for all it's players who once where their great-great-...-great-grandfathers in arms!

Team honors: NABBO League XIII
Hall of Fame: Not yet.

Team photos

The Mummies

 The Wights

The Ghouls

The Werewolves (in case the team decides to have a go as a "necromantic" team)

 The mighty Zombies... and Skeleton!

Together they are: the Mückenhof Ravens!

[Note: In this - link - you can check the conversions of the team before painting.]

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