1 January 2001

Varslona Vicious Vampires

Team name:Varslona Vicious Vampires (aka Garlic 'n Mirrors) 
Motto: (...)

Team colours: Red and Black

Coach: Don Vars
Players: Vampires and Thralls... lots of them.

"After running from certain death and forced to leave Blue Bolero´s coaching, Mr. V joined his kin to form an all new Vampire Bloodbowl team, the Varslona Vicious Vampires (VVV).
It wasn´t easy. In early practices, entire families of vampire followers were consumed, eaten alive, generations wasted only to control the players bloodthirst. 
There was no other way, humans had to be on the team to serve as appetite controllers... and the only ones left were enthralled leftovers from Mr. V´s experiments. Later came some success, after some terrifying initial Blood bowl competitions, which left half the team eaten, as well as some spectators...
With continuing lab experiments (this time including warpstone), some vampires developed strange mutations, providing extra agility, strenght, and other profanities, assets that finally led them to the much sough competition wins, and ensuing trophies such as Chaos Cup V and VI, just before Mr. V sudden vanishing.
Rumour has it he´s up north pursuing new warpstone unearthly manipulations, and preparing his bloodbowl comeback. Travellers that claim to have meet him say (apparently quoting him) that he... he just says he´s too busy. But busy with what?!?
In the darkest nights, a green haze can be seen if you look directly under Polaris..."

- From NABBO Times Chronicles Vol. LXIX by Atchoo Bladesneezr

Team honors: Chaos Cup's V & VI Champions, NTC'13 Most Violent Team, NTC'15 Best Defence.
 Hall of Fame: Nospher Athus (Vampire Star with Hypnotic Gaze, Regeneration, Blood Lust, Block, Leader, Tentacles and +2 ST[!]), Iuri Drakulaevsky (Vampire Star with Hypnotic Gaze, Regeneration, Blood Lust, Block, Dodge, Sure Feet, +1MA, Sprint, Horns, Big Hand).

Team photos

 The Vampire aristocracy!

 1- Bloody Mary 

 2- Nospher Athos
 3- Conde de Contarr 

 4- Lestat de Lioncourt
 5- Pat Trakula 

 6- Bella Lugosi
 The Thrall 'snacks'...

 7- Amilcar Alho 

 8- All-Bran Stoker
 9- Kabi Dellas 

  10- Croix Sants

11- Sarah Bulho

 12- Carmen Struator 

 Team Staff 


 Coach Don Vars (aka Triple 'V')

Trophy Hall

 Chaos Cup V 
 Chaos Cup VI

 NTC '13 Most Violent

 NTC '15 Best Defense

Last Update: 7 April 2015


  1. I miss you Nospher Athos. I´d love you to "meat" Speedy Gonzalez!

  2. LOL
    That one-turn scorer Gutter-Runner from the Trash Can Warriors team always had huge bounty on his head, and still managed to dodge every single bullet that went his way! It must have been the luckiest GR ever on the league!!