1 January 2001

NABBO Tea Cup 14

A walk through the desert ...

"... and after a very complex voting process, carried out by the highest representatives of several nameless international sponsors, with a seat in the League NABBO board, a consensus was finally reached: 
- for the sake of Blood Bowl, and planning for it's wide spread in all corners of the Old World, it was deemed advantageous for this inspiring sport, that NABBO Tea Cup 2014 tournament was carried out on the golden sands of Araby, in the rich and resplendent necropolis of Kheente-Khefarth!
All teams and respective staff will be magically carried to the said capital, where a warm reception party will be provided prior to the much awaited tournament ...

Inspired by some planned real life sports event, this year's tournament was held in the scorching hot sands of Araby.
In those strange and harsh lands, it is said the dead don't rest easy, but according to the latest century's old manuscripts found in Khente-Khefartha necropolis, that's not the only thing that can't seem to settle down and rest quietly. Buried in their dark temples, princes and kings long forgotten by the living, still hold immense dark powers, that apparently do not fancy strangers, nor their unusual games... except for the bloody parts of course.

Possibly commanded by the ruinous powers that still rules over the city, many of the stones of the temples and other monuments seem to change places, and move without reason or apparent logics, with great risk for those o fail to see them coming...

Drifting Stones
Prior to the start of his turn, each coach would placed a "Drifting Stone" counter (the same size of a normal player, only bulkier), in the adversary side of the pitch. In the beginning of each coach turn, before any action has been taken by his team, the coach would choose one of the stones, and would randomly determine its movement (d8+d6 for direction and movement). The stone would then move in the indicated direction (d8), blitzing any player found in its path (from whatever team).
The stone had a profile similar to a player (d6-1)MA 4ST 1AG 10AV Skills: No hands, Block, No Tackle Zones*, Hard as a Rock** (*'No Tackle Zones' meant that neither the stone didn't need to dodge in its move, nor the players when moving next to the stone; ** 'Hard as a Rock' meant that the stone would only leave the pitch - crumble to pieces - if an 10+ was rolled to the the injury roll).
Players from the same team could assist as normal per the rules.





The Goodies


A shout out to Fred from the Ligue des Quatre Nation (SBG in the TFF forum), for sponsoring a "Second Best of the NTC " prize (tournament 2nd highest place), with one of the lovely coins they've custom made for their 2014 tournament. If you want to get your hands on one of these, please get in touch with LQN commissioner Fred (aka SBG in TFF foruns), and ask him for details.

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