1 January 2001

Brandenberry Braves

Team name: Brandenberry Braves 
Motto: "Soft berries, iron bellies!"

Team colours: Yellow and Green

Owner: Mintos Berrybreath
Coach: Tripin Thornside
Master Chef: Kayme Appelier
Players: Treemen, Halflings, more halflings, and even more halflings.

"Soft berries, iron bellies! Soft berries, iron bellies!"

...and that's what Tripin Thornside kept shoutin' right in his first day as the new coach of the Brandenberry Braves, for he knew there wasn't much time to make a proper team out of that rowdy bunch, and the clock was certainly ticking with the approaching of the tournament day.

There was that initial mess up with the order of the new equipment and protective gear for the team, with the first shipped batch being almost perfect - for a team of Ogre's and Snotlings!
Of course there was no way any of the halflings would ever managed to get inside those jerseys, let alone the funny if a little awkward look of the trees inside those completely out of proportion equipments.
When finally the right sized equipment arrived the Master Chef was nowhere to be found - and everyone knows there's no way to make an halfling team go around without his Master Chef right there where they can see and smell him!
Turns out he had been invited to a Cabal Vision TV show for an one-off episode of The Moot Master Chef featuring the delicacies of Brandenberry Town!

Eventually every piece got into place again and when finally the training seemed to be able to start, it was time to pack things and go - the tournament was scheduled for the next day and the few hours left where certainly needed to regain strengths sitting at the table having a go at the new signature dishes of the Master Chef Kayme Appelier...

Team honors: NABBO Tea Cup VI Most Violent Team
Hall of Fame: Not yet.

Team photo

Brandenberry Braves preparing for their next "Master Chef" training!

Trophy Hall

Most Violent Team NTC'16