1 January 2001

Zharr Kongrul Kaisers

Team colors: Grey and yello
Owner: Fahzurr Fireale
Coach: Master Engineer Rakron Goldshaft
Players: Chaos Dwarfs, Bull Centaurs, Minotaur and Hobgoblins.

Sons of the volcanic forges of Zharr Krongul (ZK), both Kaisers players and staff have always been adepts of violent competitions, and mechanized extreme sports such as 24 hours Xazam (24h speed driving in the narrow tunnels of Xazam mining complex),  Elgi-Zank Baraz (roughly translated as "Elf Maiming Machines" ...you figure it out!), or even the notorious Deathroller Race 2000 (too famous to need further explanations).

As Chaos Dwarves by nature, Kaisers players tendency to pay little to none attention to the ball - while getting very intense in the brawls, meant that big companies sponsorship never knocked on their door, thus keeping them away from the big league and tournament scene for many years.
However, a new and aggressive advertising policy of a notorious brewery lead to a serious contract with the Kaisers, sponsoring a tour to the Old World and their participation on the NABBO Tea Cup V, which despite the fierce competition and disbelief of a few, they've end up winning...

Team honors: NABBO Tea Cup V champions.
Hall of Fame: Not Yet

Team photos

Chaos Dwarf: #1,#2 and #3

The core players of the team seem to have a very different approach at the game: forget the ball and obliterate the opposition!

More Chaos Dwarf:
Positional #4,#5 and #6
Yes, if a line of scrimmage with three Chaos Dwarf annoys the heck out of a lot of people, a LoS with three more...


Positional #7 and #8: 
Bull Centaurs "Mono-wheel" version!

Chaos Dwarfs are well know for their outstanding skills building mechanical devices and all sorts of machines. The Kaisers proud them selves for using these skills for fine tuning some of their players!

Positional #9: The Minotaur ...err what?

Who's to say an overgrown and mechanically augmented hobgoblin cannot take the place of a darn Mino? Not only hobs eat less (even mutated ones), but also they don't complain so loud!

Positional #10, #11, and #12
What's to say about them?
They're noisy, run a lot (at least more then Chaos Dwarfs do), and seem to fancy to play with the ball...

More hobgoblins ?!? 
A necessary evil as they break a lot - at least the ones that don't run away. 
And one more thing: they are not that tasty. It's like bland rubber chicken, and if cooked taste even worst. Foul things.

Rashnak Backstabber - the Star Player, occasionally joins the ranks of the team for an extra layer of finesse mayhem and cruelty...

The NTC'15 Champs: Zharr Krongull Kaisers 

Team Sponsor
 HOBGOBLIN: Food you can drink!

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