1 January 2011

Lizard Locomotive

Team name: Lizard Locomotive (formerly known as Lizard Lightning Locomotive)
Team colors: Green and Blue tones
Motto: "Fasssster, Sssstronger, Baiter!!!"
Owner: Tetotiatlantik Wonders, the sight seeing agency to look out for!
Coach: Yatzy "Tops" Catxyasneezll
Players: Plenty of Skinks, Sauros and the occasional Kroxigor

The Lizard Locomotive were formed after the return from one of his many long journeys, of the enlightened skink shaman Yatzy Catxyasneezll (roughly meaning "as fast as his own sneeze").
Upon his arrival, Yatzy gathered the High Council of the ancient and wise of Tetotiatlantik city (now a famous new world touristic location), to let them know of the wonders to come, if they followed the ways of Txucca-Txugga, the god of toothy-wheels and many mechanical contraptions.

The council was delighted to share his smoke induced visions of great success and absolutely wonderful colours, and so, almost immediately (well not immediately, but as soon as lizardly possible considering the visions and all else), ordered the beginning of try-outs to pick their best warriors in all three major warrior disciplines:
Catxmii-Ifyakan - for the lethally speediest of them all,
'Eadbonk Triathlon - a strength and toughness marathon that culminates in a bashing-head resistance challenge, and last but not least...
Totemik Pic'n'Txuk - for the absolute mightiest of them all, where the objective is to throw as far as possible, the biggest stone totem one could possibly find. Preferably built by opposing clans.
Extra points for getting away with it, without severe mauling afterwards...

Team honors: Not Yet
Hall of Fame: Not Yet

Team photos

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