1 January 2001

Mushroom State

Pitch Name: Mushroom State

Owner: NABBO Corp.

Story: The first big work of NABBO Corp. was the construction of the Mushroom Field.
At the time most games were played either in Da Pitch, or in the Stone Arena (which private dwarf ownership tended to make negotiations rather difficult to say the least...), therefore with the fast growing rate of the first league years (more than doubling the league teams in the first couple of seasons), the need for at least another pitch was absolutely mandatory.

Build in a donated piece of land (named after the meritorious previous owner Rich 'fivestar' Mushroom), the pitch was developed to mimic as close as it could the original Da Pitch, so the teams wouldn't complain or feel downgraded, when drafted to play on it.
Happily all those fears soon proved to be unfounded as the small but improved details of the new stadium gave the teams and spectators a more practical and comfortable experience.

Hall of Fame: Season VIII League Final, Chaos Cup IX Final

Pitch Photos

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