1 January 2001

Pirates Deck

 Pitch Name: Pirates Deck

Owner: Marquis Jean-Luis L'Aigle de Bordeaux, also known as the infamous buccaneer  "Le Coq-au-Vin"...

Story: Unable to stop for long periods of time in the same place due to the particulars of his (*ahem...*) trading business, Le Marquis has decided to (*coof coof*) buy and adapt a couple of ships that, when rigged together would be wide enough to actually play a game of Blood Bowl.
Because of his hazardous line of work (!), from times to times one or more of those ships are lost (or sunk), and the ones that arrive to occupy the empty place, very rarely have the same size, obviously resulting in a pitch that don't ever (ever) seems to measure the same.

One of the most famous 'length' incidents occurred in a game against the Tavern Tacklers dwarf team: being unable to stop the Marquis team to score in the first half of the game  (the Line Of Scrimmage 'appeared' to be so long, the entire dwarf team wasn't able to make enough Tackle Zones to effectively covert all of it), the dwarfs turned their hopes on - at least - equalising in the second half.
But after some heavy refreshments in one of the lower decks of the ship - offered as a token of good hospitality from the Marquis, and when returning to the second half of the game, the pitch seemed to be somehow different... Still, the dwarfs received the ball, build up their typical cage, and started moving towards the opponent End Zone
With little or none opposition, they walked, and walked (and walked), until the game came to an end, and the dwarf team still couldn't see the End Zone where they would attempt to achieve their TD!
 It's no surprise that to this day there's never been an official competition taking place in the Pirates Deck!

Hall of Fame: None yet

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