1 January 2001

NAF World Cup I Pitch

Pitch Name: NAF World Cup I Exhibition Dome

Owner: Commissar Daan von Kristoffer

Story: The NAF WC I Pitch (now known as NAF Exhibition Dome), construction was funded exclusively on private funds, by Commissar Von Kristoffer, a well renowned eccentric citizen of the City of Altdorf. In his dream to win a major competition in the NABBO League, together with the byilding of the pitch he attempted to put together a team.
Despite the huge amounts of gold he invested, and much due to his constant interference, every single coach hired quited after a very, very short while (varying from 2 hours up to three days), so he always ended up coaching the team himself after the league 'coach limit' was reached.

Three seasons and an unbelievable sum of 73 coaches later, von Kristoffer 'moved on' to a different - still eccentric - hobby (heavy cannon long shot), leaving the NAF Exhibition Dome available for rent to all sorts of festivities and the occasional Blood Bowl final.
To his defense, Commissar Daan von Kristoffer did earn the title of Best Team Owner of the season (three seasons in a row), on the account of the huge gold amounts spent in compensation to all coaches he fired during the season...

Hall of Fame: NABBO League IV and V Finals, Chaos Cup V Final.

Pitch Photos

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