1 January 2001

Official GW Pitch

Pitch Name: Official GW Pitch

Owner: NABBO League

Story: Widely known as "Da Pitch", this is the oldest and more historical pitch in all NABBO history. It was originally build and owned by a two team shared possession, the Blue Bolero and the White Fang Okkz, which later evolved into NABBO Corp., when representatives of the other teams, decided they wanted a share of the profit - since they were in the game too!
This stand and following strike took place in the end of season four, and was later know as the Strike of 55, which was the the exact duration off the strike counted in (ahem...) seconds.
Apparently, the prospects of a total paralysation of the league and more important, the consequent stop of all income sources namely the suspension of all sponsor contracts, was argument enough for the sign up of a brand new agreement on the league profits share, and so the NABBO Corporation was born.

Hall of Fame: Many (many) games from all NABBO seasons, and plenty of the finals so far. Its the oldest and more intensely used pitch of the league by far.

Pitch Photo

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