1 January 2001

NABBO Tea Cup 2011

Short story ...
As most of us Blood Bowl die hard fans would certainly like to, the fact is that only a chosen lucky few get the chance or opportunity to play in big tournaments.
A few years back, in one of ours Blood Bowl league nights the "Big Tournament" subject came up: the NAF guys were starting to plan their first NAF World Cup!

For a few minutes we all had that grin in our face, day dreaming of how "grand" would be attending to it, but as much as we all would like to, real life stuff such as work, family, economics, or a mix of them all ended up luring our expectations.

In 2011, to commemorate our very special 10th league (in more than 12 years of existence), we've decided to join efforts, put together our own tournament, and invite to it all our past and present league players to commemorate and play with us!

The tournament was held in a single day (three games, top ranking coaches playing each other the next round), with 1,100,000 g.c. available to spend in players, skills, re-rolls, (no cards, wizards or journeyman or mercenaries allowed), and in the end of the day three coaches will be awarded: the champion (highest score), the most violent (top casualty's), and the "wooden spoon" (for the lowest scoring coach in the cup).

As we are a very small league (read "low income"), there wont be any big glittering prizes. Instead we'll have a thematic custom made "Tea Cup" for each of the top awarded coaches, a custom Dugout, and a set of dice with our logo and motto for the past 12 years: Failing Go-For-It's Since 1999!




Above you can check the custom dugout made for the event...
...and below you have Mr. Zug playing "King of the Hill" with the NTC '11 custom dice!


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