1 January 2001

NABBO Tea Cup 2012


Chronicles of an announced World's End
" The following story is just my humble version of what really happened in that creepy end of 2012…

I feel I may be exposing myself to great deal of mental and physical risks for the simple fact that remembering the unspeakable horrors I witnessed (that many others chose to sweep from their minds forever), but the deep physical and psychological scars with whom I escaped , force me to warn others to the signs that almost triggered a catastrophe, signs that surely will return , perhaps even with more power than before .

Outside, in the pitch, the day was unusually warm for that time of year, and the humidity in the air made ​​it difficult to breathe normally , almost as if we had been suddenly changed to one of these enigmatic tropical islands , lost in the middle of any ocean, where the natives dance around bonfires in cult for their primordial gods, long forgotten by civilization.
In front of the pitch there was an old decrepit house, of which little was known except that seemed to always have been there, with its evil aura, and apparently inhabited.
The secular nobility of its exterior heavily contrasted with his scary and battered look as if something old, dark and sinister in there was being cooked, in the shadows.
People used to talk about the strange sounds or songs along with rumbling drums, whose sound seemed to spring from the most terrible depths of the earth, but it was the day of the games, that everything unfolded ..."

Excerpt of NTC '12 tournament fluff 

From a mix of H.P. Lovecraft universe and Mayan 2012 prophecy, the NTC '12 fluff came up with a scenario where "The End of the World" would start (and be triggered) by the physical possession of the BB tournament players by "lesser demon gods" ( ...that would, from there, unleash their unimaginable horrors upon the living...).

However, each coach had the choice to either team up with the "new gods on the block", initiating their players in the unholy tentacle rituals (a.k.a. one random player of the team would have tentacles, and if killed or otherwise put out of the pitch, another one would be randomly selected to grow tentacles yet again), OR the coach could step up to face and fight these tentacled horrors, with the help of an enchanted magic dagger - The Flaming Nail, which was trusted to one specially chosen (random) player in the team to wield and use, like a normal BB dagger, but with the power to add "+1" to the armour roll if it ever found its way into a "tentacled" opponent player!

To fit the fluff the coaches would use the coloured dice that fitted their faction (tentacle green or fiery orange), and the dugout represented the sinister house (with its catacombs), where the rituals had begun.

Accordingly, dice had engraved not only the NABBO shield, but a tentacled monster trying to take hold of the logo turnips... shame on him/ it/ thing?




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