1 January 2001

League background

The League background
Once upon a time there was a miserably poor, rural community where most crops kept being lost or destroyed by endless years of invading Chaos or Orc raids, only halted when really, but reeeeally bad weather settled in! Only the toughest, the crippled or the stupid remained in those harsh border lands, fighting to survive each day.

It's not difficult to understand that the once beautifully cultivated fields got left in complete neglect as other far more important issues (such as running or fighting for their life's), came up.
Hunger was almost a constant and as the years went by, both men and beasts left behind in the aftermath of the invasions, struggled to find something to eat.
And that is when it all comes together: One foggy afternoon, while going back to the settlement empty handed, a team of human scouts decided to shortcut through an open uncultivated field, when one of them spotted a huge turnip just a few meters ahead.
That would mean a very welcome meal when they got back to the camp, so obviously they went for it, but just as they got hold of the tasty vegetable, they realised they were not alone in the field...

Suddenly the fog seemed to have disappeared and there they were, standing right in the middle of the open field with of a bunch of orc's just a few feet's away, apparently as surprised as they were.
After the initial moments of surprise for both sides, they soon realise that neither were actual war party's, but light scouts looking for the very same thing - food, and as far as both could tell the only thing eatable out there (without too much of a trouble). was that tasty looking turnip!

And the story goes on, stating how both sides slammed into one another, using whatever skills they had, sometimes running and passing the turnip amongst them selves, other times just tackling and blocking, in an attempt to grab or keep hold of the turnip, that annoyingly kept changing sides...
No one really knows for sure in which side's soup that turnip ended, as nowadays both races have slightly different endings for the story, but for what it's worth, similar brawls kept happening in that same field, long after any turnip sprouted there, turning it into a festival (food, drinks, and brawls), and later into a real event (brawls, with drinks and food)!

That huge turnip was never forgotten and earned its place in the shield of the organised league that "a simple brawl" had turned into, pictured in gold and soaring high over the stripes that represented the once cultivated fields.

So what about the name of the league?
Oh that was an homage to that turnip since the very start, as "nabo" is the word for "turnip" in the native language (Portuguese), therefore the acronym N.A.B.B.O. would have a double meaning, also translating as Neglectic Agricultural Blood Bowl Organization.

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