1 January 2001

Stone Arena

Pitch Name: Stone Arena

Owner: Dwarf Prince Beldrik Gromaz -The Grey.

Story: The Stone Arena construction was ordered and sponsored by Dwarf Prince Beldrik Gromaz -The Grey, brother of Ungrom Azzharr -King of Kraka Drak and The Mines Below, and son of Grimvarr, Prince-King and ruler of all North White Peaks.
Beldrik was a fan of Blood Bowl, and was the owner of the Beards Brew 99'ers, the first and probably most successful dwarf team that ever played in the NABBO League.

After the meteoric success in the first three professional seasons of the team (play-offs in the first year, and two finals), a fully confident Beldrik decided to risk an impressive investment building a 'proper' stadium, both for his team and for the amazing number of fans the team gathered in so short time.

Shortly after the completion of the stadium, the Beard's Brew 99'ers suddenly found themselves without a coach, when a rival dwarf team offered an obscene amount of gold for their coach services.
Undaunted by the task, Beldrik took the matters into his own hands and turned into the head coach of the team, remaining in the position until today.

Hall of Fame: Finals of NABBO League II, III and IV, Chaos Cup II Final.

Pitch Photos

Making Of
The pitch was built over a 2cm board of polystyrene (wall insulation panel).
Both dugouts and "dice box"/"score marker" where also made after the same board (leftovers sculpted with an x-blade), and for the stone pavement look, it was used some sheets of cardboard (recycled from cereal boxes), roughly cut in square shapes and glued to the board.

All the appropriate lengths of the pitch where taken from a GW official pitch, measured in total lengths, and later divided for the total amount of squares needed on the pitch (this would ensure that the official Range Ruler would give the exact the same result as played in the official pitch).

Added some brown and grey paint on it (and a few dry brushes of lighter tones to give some depth to the stonework), and after adding some flock to the side lines of the pitch, and a couple of details in the dugouts the stadium was done.
 By the way, the pitch is inside a wooden tray to make it a bit more sturdy, and protect it from any major damage while moving it around before and after the games.

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