1 January 2001

Three Chile Burrito Bandits

Team name: Three Chile Burrito Bandits, (a.k.a. Burrito Bandits)
Motto: "Para todo mal Mezcal. Para todo bien, también!"
Team colors: Brown, Red, Green and others depending on the food stains...
Owner: No one owns them. It's a team of free thinkers, free travellers, and free eaters... and boy, do they eat!!!
Coach: The Cook is probably the closest thing they have to a coach!
Players: Halfling, and Cactus. Big, spiky cactus.

The Legend...
No one really knows, and many stories are told amongst their fans but maybe, if there’s some little pieces of truth in each of them, we can glue them all together and shed some light on how it all begun...
Once upon a time, there was a bunch of Halfling kids that spent most of their free time (*read ‘not eating’), playing cowboys and reading his tales from the distant lands of the new world.
With those plays, it grew an indomitable will of stretching out their borders (much to their parents worry), and the resolve to see and explore other places often lead to trips into neighbour settlements with countless adventures.

By then they were fondly known around as “The Bandits” not only for their fitting outfits but for the ‘outrageous’ assaults on their parent’s kitchens where they would gather enough supplies to set off on yet another quest.
One day during the spring festival,  escaping once again from their village, they’ve managed to attend to an itinerary event that was to change their life’s for ever: an exhibition match of blood bowl!
The Nordland Rednose -fierce bearded warriors from the north-, with their horned helms and tattooed body’s, were facing the agile All Black Owls, a team of ladies from a far distant land across the sea that did not seem a bit worried for facing such brutes.
How this match indeed pushed them into Blood Bowl or effectively influenced their game play is of course highly questionable, but to this day one of their fans mostly appreciated cheering songs still shouts: 
Short blows, don't beat too high - but hit like a norse all right! 
Side step and Dodge don’t rest - they’ll fly into the End Zone line!“

Oh, almost forgot, why the ‘three chile’ you ask? 
Oye muchacho, because no matter how tasty they look, sometimes they reeeealy sting!

Team honors: First place for "Best Original Concept" in the FF Fields "Team Too Cool" Contest (you can have a peek at the pitch in this: link); received a very impressive Royal visit; July '12 front cover of the world famous Blood Bowl Magazine Blitz! #5 (see cover below, or download #5 here).

Hall of Fame: Not Yet

Team photos


  1. Looks like FF Fields took down the page about the winners.
    You could use this link that should never die

  2. Thanks for pointing that out Tristan, I've changed the link.

    On the new link we can see all the categories and winners, but the FF Fields links to the pics of each team doesn't seem to work.
    It would be cool if they corrected that.

  3. Unfortunately archive.org can't store all the pics on the internet. To be honest I'm surprised FF Fields took down the page, but it seems they've redesigned the website so maybe it just got "lost in translation". At least it should be enough for anyone to google the team and find some pics.

    1. Yeah, it might have been that.
      But it's a pity because those pic from all the contest submissions had tons of fantastic teams/ideas, that always end up helping/inspiring someone.